Sue Brooke-Roberton

Sue Brooke-Roberton is an Australian contemporary mixed-media artist who has been working in digital painting for over a decade, as well as painting in oils, acrylics, inks, dyes, glazes and pastels (since 1981). Her digital paintings explore colour, depth, patterns, and emotive abstract concepts. Texture and form are other elements she incorporates in her work. Sue is heavily influenced by her surroundings: the beauty of the Western Australian landscape with its stunning colour contrasts, the flora and fauna. She is also an 'en plein air' artist, who enjoys traversing different landscapes and capturing her impression of that moment. Her early urban background is also present, and too her voice as a philosopher.

An 'ah ha' moment when working in the digital medium is when Sue has exhausted all possibilities across the programs that she uses which can be as many as five to produce one work. These range from Photoshop to fractal software. And the composition has to 'feel' right before the work is deemed 'complete'.

Her work has been widely displayed and has been collected privately as fine quality Giclee prints of limited edition.

Sue's Donnie entry in 2016, The 'Beauty of Nature', is a fractal composition that although abstract explores the idea that in nature fractals are the perfect patterns of life. It also draws on the repetition of wildlife in her Western Australian backyard. These are the daily inhabitants (lizards & birds) of life in the very hot coastal regional centre of Mandurah. The colours, like the sunlight here, are bright. Summer here in the West of Australia is the antithesis of Winter in New York!? Warm thoughts for my cool U.S. contemporaries! Enjoy!

Mandala Dream is new work involving Digital Drawing and Photoshop effects.

Sue Brooke-Roberton's AutoGallery exhibit

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