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Stefan Arteni
Wheel of Life

Clay Bodvin
What a Notion Looks Like
Waiting at the Bottom of the Stairs

Russell Cleversley
Scream for Justice
Woman of the Forest

Andrew Cole
Weak Side Block

Roger Gottlieb
Bread Box

Raya Grinberg
Space Trip
The Hall of Faith

Adonis Halepianos
Black Swan
Flight on Daylight
Zodiac Pisces

Allen Hirsh
An Evolution of Nematodes
An Exotic Brusselator
A Zinnia from the Heart
Landscape on a Distant Planet
Motie's Broken Blues Cafe
Transcendental Scallops

Susan Kaprov
State of the World

Sherry Karver
Word of Mouth
Visiting Apparition

Dolores Kaufman
No Place to Hide Triptych

Nina Koelman
Ausrichtung (Orientation)
Gerahmtes Dreieck (Framed Triangle)
Hinter der Mauer (Behind the Wall)
ohne Titel 1
ohne Titel 2
Verwirrung (Confusion)

Beverly LaRock
Forward and Backward
Who Am I?
Listen Only Footprints

Chalda Maloff
A Capella

Nicholas McCumber
Digiteze 3
Digiteze 8
Digiteze 17
Digiteze 18
Digiteze 19

Kazmier Maslanka
The Moment of Chun Jin Sunim

Joe Nalven
Portrait in the 21st Century
Portrait in the 22nd Century

Peach Pair
The Orchard
Milkweed Pods

Sibel Sancar
Inside a Dream
Autumn Feelings

Steve Schlesinger

Marion Schmitz
Mirror 001
ohne Titel
Splash 001

Harshad Shah
Never Listen Any Bad
This Is Not a Way to Oppose
We Are Happy and Safe Here

Rod Whyte
Winter Bloom

Jay Wilson

Shige Yamada

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